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Summer mathematics tutoring is crucial to ensuring that your child does not suffer from the summer slide. After about a year and a half away from the school buildings during the pandemic, many students are suffering not only from summer slide but covid slide as well. The best way to help your child is to get them started in the summer so that Miss G can address any learning gaps they may have, keep them practicing their mathematical skills, and get them ahead on their upcoming curriculum. Miss G offers math tutoring via zoom or in person, anytime and any place. Miss G has a digital writing tablet that will make virtual math tutoring sessions easy to follow. Summer mathematics tutoring will be beneficial and you will be sure to see improvements in your child’s confidence in math as well as performance in math.

Algebra is foundational for all mathematics courses in high school as math is a subject that continues to build upon itself year after year. Miss G Tutors has worked with students of all levels and can target any learning gaps or can push students’ knowledge to the next level by introducing challenging yet relevant material. As a teacher who has taught pre-algebra, algebra 1, and algebra 2, Ms. Gurgan is well-versed in the vertical alignment of these courses.

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View a sample instructional video by Miss G:

  • Utilizes color coordination to emphasize steps
  • Provides clear and concise steps
  • Uses the gradual release model (I do, We do (with questioning), You do)

Miss G is a Curriculum Support Specialist for Miami Dade County Public Schools. This position allows her to work with different schools across the county and focus on algebra 1 and geometry. She has tutored via zoom many times and also supported teachers with their technology during the pandemic during long-distance learning. Having taught pre-algebra, algebra 1, and algebra 2 for many years to many different levels of students with great success, she has seen tremendous results.

When Working With Miss G as Your Local Summer Mathematics Tutor in Miami:

  • You gain a reliable tutor who cares about her students
  • You will have an algebra tutor that your child will enjoy working with
  • You can choose Zoom or in-person tutoring at your convenience
  • Your child can count on me to be there for tutoring sessions prior to important tests or quizzes. I won’t let your child down!
  • Your child will get ahead in the mathematics content for their upcoming school year

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